Austral Clothes Hoists


RectractAway 50

The Austral Retract Away is a discreet retractable clothes line suitable for use in many different areas.

The Retract Away is suitable for carports, garages, balconies, laundries or long narrow areas.  When fully extended the Retract Away will hold almost as much washing as a medium sized Rotary clothes line.

The Austral Retract Away Clothes Line is the only retractable that will lock in from as little as 2mts in length and extend up to 10m in length, making it the longest Retract Away available.

The Retract Away is easily retracted back into the cabinet when you have finished using it.  The Retract Away may be installed from wall to wall; wall to post, post to wall or post to post (see Installation Guide)


  • 800mm x 125mm Cabinet
  • 50m line space
  • Suitable for 2-6 people
  • 5 lines in total
  • Minimum line length 2m
  • Maximum line length 10m
  • Recommended area: 1.3m x (2m - 10m)
  • Wall to Wall, Wall to Post, Post to Wall, Post to Post
    (see Retract Away mounting options)
  • Standard colour range:
    Classic Cream, Woodland Grey and special colours available to order
  • Total box size:  840mm x 190mm x 130mm
  • Total packaged weight: 5.5kgs.
  • See Frequently Asked Questions
Retract Away Cabinet Size Line Space No. of Lines Classic
Recommended Area Suitable For
Retract Away 40 800 x 125mm 40m 5 Yes Yes 1.3m x up to 8m long 2-6 people
Retract Away 50 800 x 125mm 50m 5 Yes Yes 1.3m x up to 10m long 2-6 people