Austral Clothes Hoists


Fold Down

The Austral Add-A-Line Fold Down is the largest double folding clothes line available.

  • 2400mm x 1500mm frame size
  • 35.7m line space
  • Suitable for 1-5 people
  • 15 lines in total (7 lines on rear frame + 8 lines on larger frame)
  • Line spacing is 13cm for wider spacing and 6.5cm for narrower spacing.
  • Side profile at the widest point is approximately 75mm
  • Each line may be used independently of the other and both lines fold flat.
  • Recommended area 2450mm x 1800mm. 
    (An additional 300mm should be allowed for operational ease).
  • Pre-assembled side arms for easy installation
  • Length may be reduced to fit shorter distance
    (see Installation Guide)
  • Wall fixings included
  • May be wall or ground mounted using Fold Down Ground Mount Kit (see Fold Down installation options)
  • Standard colour range:
    Woodland  Grey or Classic Cream  or Special Colours available to order
  • Total box size: 1560mm x 250mm x 105mm
  • Total packaged weight: 11.5kgs.
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  • See Frequently Asked Questions
Fold Down Dimensions Line Space No. of Lines Classic


Compatible with
Ground Mount Kit
Suitable For
Add-A-Line 2400 x 1500mm 35.7m 15 Yes Yes Yes 1-5 people
Standard 2400 x 1500mm 28.5m 12 Yes Yes Yes 1-4 people
Compact 2400 x 940mm 28.5m 12 Yes Yes Yes 1-4 people
Compact 39 3300 x 940mm 39m 12 Yes Yes Yes 1-6 people
Slenderline 16 2400 x 600mm 14.4m 6 Yes Yes Yes 1-2 people
Slenderline 20 3300 x 600mm 19.8m 6 Yes Yes Yes 1-2 people
Unit Line 1310 x 940mm 15.6m 12 Yes Yes Yes 1-2 people
Indoor/Outdoor 1200mm x 600mm 8.3m 7 White No 1-2 people